October 16, 2011

List of IRC trivia rooms stating rules

The information for this list was mostly collated from irc.netsplit.de 'blurbs' between 4-6pm GMT, 7-8 Oct 2011. While all care was taken to be inclusive, some trivia rooms may have been missed. See also Rules and regulations?for the pros and cons.

chills GeekShed
a channel for trivia and chat,
cheating on trivia will get you banned :p - 50 users -
127 minutes ago

ctwug-trivia WugNet
Please remember this is a general knowledge
game and not a google the answer game. -
13 users - 75 minutes ago

jakarta DALnet
Please do not
spam/repeat/flood the channel. It's against the
dalnet rules|Type !ask for trivia - 486
users - 114 minutes ago

malang DALnet
For Game !TRIVIA. NO : Bad Nick, Bad Word,
Spam, Invite, Worm, Flood, Repeat, Caps, Harrass.
- 431
users - 114 minutes ago

Dabnica UniBG
Welcome To Trivia Channel Please don't
flood, abuse or advertise or you will get
kicked/banned. - 44 users - 125
minutes ago

cyberparty DALnet Trivia & Chat OUR RULES : ENGLISH Only !!
NO swearing, and NO
advertising... New Game every week. Type !trivia
to start the game. - 8 users
- 53 minutes ago

bugs torrent-damage
Bugbyte's Super Trivia & BS Chan
Preferred channel colors are black background and
light text !Rules for the channel rules - 11
users - 146 minutes ago

Trekkie-Chan ChatSociety
commands: Start = !Trivia | Help = !help - Channel
Rules = !rules Turkey Chat - 11
users - 151 minutes ago

Saddar DALnet For Game !TRIVIA !! NO
: Bad Nick, Bad Word, Spam, Invite, Worm, Flood,
Repeat, Caps, Harrass. - 93 users
- 116 minutes ago

cafebleu GameSurge
Play Trivia and Enjoy . Dunt Use
bad words , Dunt spamm , Dunt Advertise and Be
nice with all - 5
users - 62 minutes ago

TeenConnection DALnet
English/Hindi/Urdu ONLY
No: Swearing, Repeating, Flooding, Advertising, Inviting. Need
HELP? Ask an Op!' Trivia is bacK - 203
users - 114 minutes ago

Trivia GeekShed
Commands: !rules, !help, !score, !start. Please be
sure to MSG the bot!!
- 3 users - 93 minutes ago

trivia MuggleNet the official
MuggleNet trivia room Notice:|SCORES
RESET EVERY 2 HOURS | Normal network rules apply
in Trivia
- 5 users - 85 minutes ago

Sucremanta DALnet
El canal de la
Capital Constitucional de Bolivia. Respeta las
reglas y disfruta tu estadia en el canal.
Participa de la Trivia actualizado con 138.000
preguntas , !start para iniciar. - 8 users -
53 minutes ago

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